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Libri e cataloghi della biblioteca del sito, chi ne fosse interessato può chiedere informazioni all'indirizzo e-mail:

1) Driving. F Ware (1903)

Author: Ware, Francis M
Publisher: New York: Doubleday, Page & company

2) Driving.  Badminton Library (1901)

Author: Beaufort, Henry Charles FitzRoy Somerset, Duke of, 1824-1899
Publisher: London: Longmans, Green and Co.

3) Driving Lessons. E Howlett (1894)

Author: Howlett, Edwin
Publisher: New York: R.H. Russell & Son

4) Hints on Driving.  C Knight (1895)

Author: Knight, C. Morley (Charles Lewis William Morley)
Publisher: London; New York: G. Bell

5) Riding and Driving.  Anderson & Collier (1905)

Author: Anderson, Edward L. (Edward Lowell), 1842-1916; Collier, Price, 1860-1913; Tailer, T. Suffern
Publisher: New York; London: Macmillan

6) Hints on Driving. C S Ward (1870)

Author: Ward, C. S
Publisher: London, Published by the author

7) Riding and Driving for Women (1912)

Author: Beach, Belle
Publisher: New York: C. Scribner's sons

8) Driving As I Found It. Frank Swales (1891)

Author: Swales, Frank
Publisher: New York Eclipse Publishing Co

9) Riding, Driving and Kindred Sports.  T F Dale (1899)

3 chapters on Driving

Author: Dale, T. F. (Thomas Francis), 1858-1923
Publisher: London: T.F. Unwin

10) Driving for Pleasure - or, The Harness Stable and its appointments (1896)

Author: Underhill, Francis T
Publisher: New York: D. Appleton and company

11) The farmer's and horseman's guide to drive the horse; or, The right and wrong way to drive a horse fully exposed and explained (1872)

Author: Deeney, John.
Publisher: New York, McGee & Warren, printers

12) Riding and driving. A useful handbook of valuable information on man's most faithful friend - the horse (1891)

Subject: Horsemanship; Driving of horse-drawn vehicles
Publisher: New York, Street & Smith

Trade Catalogues

13) Brewster & Baldwin's illustrated catalogue of carriages (1869)

Creator: Brewster & Baldwin

14)  Special no. 12  Muncie buggies (1890)

Author: Muncie Jobbing & Mfg. Co

15) Pleasure carriages (1890)

Author: French, Ferd. F.

16) Carriages, sleighs, harness (1890)

Author: E.A. Richmond Carriage Co
Publisher: Worcester, Mass.: The Company

17) Illustrated souvenir of carriages (1893)

Author: Studebaker brothers mfg. co

18) Moyer Designer builder, high grade carriages (1909)

Author: H. A. Moyer Carriages (Syracuse, N.Y.)
Subject: H. A. Moyer Carriages (Syracuse, N.Y.); Horses; Carriage manufacturers and dealers -- New York (State) Syracuse
Publisher: Syracuse, N.Y.: H.A. Moyer

19) Eighteenth annual clearance sale of seasonable carriages at treamendous reductions from ordinary prices (1900)

Author: Henderson Bros
Publisher: No. Cambridge, Mass.: Henderson Bros.

20) Henry Hooker & Co., designers and builders of high grade carriages, New Haven, Connecticut (1907)

Author: Henry Hooker & Co
Publisher: New Haven: The Company

21) Whitney Catalogue for 1896

Author: Whitney Wagon Works (Syracuse, N.Y.)
Publisher: The Company
22) The Kingston Vehicle Co., Limited : manufacturers of "Frontenac" buggies, spring wagons and phaetons (1897)

Author: Kingston Vehicle Company

23) Cooper No. 16 - light vans and business carts (c1900)

Publisher: London: J. and C. Cooper

24) Northwestern Sleigh Co. Wholesale price list (1889)

Publisher: Milwaukee: Northwestern Sleigh Co.

25) The Buggy from Glengarry - fine grade vehicles manufactured by the Munro & McIntosh Carriage Co., Limited, Alexandria, Ontario, Canada. (1890)

Publisher: Alexandria, Ont.  Munro & McIntosh Carriage Co., Limited

26) Henry Hooker & Co Catalogue (1900)

Pages 43-62 missing, but plenty of pictures present

Publisher: New Haven, Conn.: The Company

27) Goshen Buggy Top Co Catalogue and net price list (1915)

Publisher: Goshen, Ind.: Goshen Buggy Top Co.

28) The Scioto Buggy Co., wholesale manufacturers for the trade (1890)

Publisher: Columbus, Ohio: The Company

29) Ohio Carriage Mfg. Co. Annual catalogue and style book (1912)

Publisher: Columbus, Ohio: Ohio Carriage Mfg. Co.

30) Watertown Carriage Co. Carriage builders catalogue (1909)

Publisher: Watertown Carriage Co. (Watertown, N.Y.)

31) G. & D. Cook & co's Illustrated catalogue of carriages and special business advertiser (1860)

Author: Cook (G. and D.) and company, New Haven.
Publisher: New Haven, Conn., Baker & Godwin, printers

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